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At Fifth & Glam, we believe that everyone deserves to feel great, no matter their budget. We provide the latest beauty trends in makeup, skin care, and hair care products for a low monthly payment. Find your best self at the corner of Fifth & Glam.

How to Achieve the
“No Makeup” Makeup Look

No Makeup Look

The key to an effortless “no makeup” makeup look comes down to enhancing your natural features and keeping your skin natural and glowing. Start with a poreless face primer to smooth any texture. Next, cover blemishes and discoloration with a lightweight concealer. Reach for something like Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation that will let a little bit of your natural skin shine through. Finish off the look with blush, a highlighter and mascara to highlight your natural features. Voila! You’ll look put together and glowing in the most natural way possible.

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How to Easily Apply
False Eyelashes

How to Easily Apply False Eyelashes

To apply false lashes, hold the lashes up to your eye using a lash applicator or tweezers to see if they are the right fit for your eye shape. Depending on your eye shape, you may have to trim the lashes. Once the false lashes are the right length for your eyes, apply your lash glue to the edge of the lash strip, wait approximately 30 seconds so the glue gets tacky and apply to your natural lash line.

Our recommendation: Ardell’s Deluxe Wispies Pack comes with everything you need to apply lashes - lash glue, lash applicator and 2 sets of their deluxe wispies lashes.


Get Ready in
10 Minutes or Less

Makeup Kits

Our curated beauty kits have everything you need to go from blah to beautiful in 10 minutes tops. Multifunctional products are your best friend when you’re trying to nail down a look quickly. Think: lip and cheek tints and blush/bronzer duos. Less time spent getting ready = more time in bed. Hello beauty sleep!

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3 Step Skin Care Routine
to Reduce Signs of Aging

3 Step Skin Care Routine to Reduce Signs of Aging

“How can I reduce signs of aging?” It’s a question we all ask. We’re loving DECLARÉ’s Age Control Night Set for a simple and effective nighttime routine that keeps us youthful:

  1. 1. Use a cleanser Leftover dirt and makeup cause inflammation which can age skin.

  2. 2. Try a hydrating serum DECLARÉ’s Night Essential Serum plumps skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

  3. 3. Lock it all in with a moisturizer DECLARÉ’s Luxury Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Cream will have you waking up radiant and rejuvenated.